Who Are We?

Dad's Basement was founded by 3 people- 2 college friends plus one of their brothers, who shared a passion for live comedy, unorthodox theater experiences, and collectibles. It has since grown to involve countless writers, directors, performers, and more- who together make up the diverse collection of in-house talent upon which the very mission of The Basement is built.

But none of those other people are in charge of paying the person who runs this website, so here's the 3 people that are.


Jake Berlin was a recent college graduate looking straight down the approaching reality of adulthood when he decided to open a half store/half comedy theater instead. Now he owns Dad's Basement, and can usually be found looking at spreadsheets, talking about expenses, and making sure we are a functioning business. He's a standup comedian, a lifelong memorabilia collector, and a man who generally believes the less you know about him, the better.


Chris Copen was working at a daycare in nearby Johnstown- fresh off washing out of the LA Comedy Industry after a failed stint as an assistant (with the help of a pandemic). Now, he's our artistic director, which he would tell you means he's in charge of "the basement part" of Dad's Basement. Chris started the award losing comedy group Point Blank at Point Park University as a freshman, and has been "working" in comedy ever since (in a mostly unpaid capacity). 

Jared Berlin was an expert in the field of memorabilia, running a successful online storefront before being dragged into this. Jared runs the Basement's retail store, and is responsible for managing our ever expanding inventory of trading cards, autographed CD's and sports memorabilia. His days are usually consumed by chasing autographs, researching card prices, and being Jake's brother.


What Do We Do?

A lot.

From our handpicked out-of-town headliners to our own Sketch, Musical, and TV Concepts developed completely in house- we are constantly exploring new formats, twists, and shows that can wow an audience. 

Our in-house creative team is made up mostly of recent college graduates, working together to be a launchpad for each other's career in entertainment- whether that be writing, performing, both, or something else entirely.

We take pride in what we do, and how we do it. Our fundamental effort in all things is to deliver an audience experience that's unexpected, unique, and (of course) funny! No two shows are ever alike. 


We're also extremely proud of our efforts in the community- always striving to be the best neighbor possible, while working with other local businesses and organizations to forge partnerships that can elevate us all.

Dad's Basement is a proud presenting sponsor of the annual Dormont Music & Street Festival.

Our partnerships with local business includes monthly arrangements with local restaurants to advertise them on our tickets, sponsoring special presentations at the Hollywood Theater, and working with the JCCP to offer programming before their famous Rocky Horror Picture Show Midnight Screenings.